Mark and Denise

When we began to consider becoming foster parents in 1988, we had no idea where this journey would lead. All we knew is that we were a young family that was blessed by having two healthy children, good jobs and a lifestyle that was comfortable. We decided we had more than we needed, certainly more that we deserved and began looking for a way to “give back”. After much prayer, we chose the public foster care system. It wasn’t long before we realized that becoming foster parents was so much more, it was an actual calling from God on our lives to a non-traditional mission field.

Life as a public service volunteer is rewarding. It is also painful, exhilarating, frustrating, and challenging; but it is never dull. It can be an emotional roller coaster ride, watching children come and go, and always praying that seeds of hope and promise have been sown while they are in our care. This is an opportunity to influence a child with real hope beyond their circumstances and to provide unconditional love and acceptance by a community.

Thank you for considering becoming a part of this great adventure to provide a safer, happier environment for these precious children who find themselves in the State’s care.