A birth child’s perspective on family:

My family is so big, and the reason is — we do foster-care. Foster care is a big blessing to the children that do not have parents to take care of them. Some people think that foster care is bad but its not.

First we got a little boy. He was six months when he came to us, but now he is one. He is very sweet, cuddly, playful, and is happy most of the time. He is a blessing to our hearts, and we love him so much. And he loves us, too.

Then we got another little boy. He was five when we got him. He loved playing with my little brother. But he went home to his family three weeks after coming to us. He was very happy to go home because he loved his family. We will never forget him.

Then we got two girls. One was sixteen, and the other was three. They were sweet, cuddly, nice, and playful. They were in foster care because their mom is unable to take care of them. The three year old had a speech delay, so it was hard to know what she wanted. The teenager was a lot of fun having around, and she was a great big sister too!

Recently, the girls were moved to a new foster home because our family had gotten so big that we were having a hard time meeting the needs of ALL the children. We are keeping in touch with them and they will live forever in our hearts.

Then we got the first little boy’s sibling. We got her when she was a day old, right from the hospital. She is so sweet and happy and we love her so much. She is a joy to our hearts.

Being a part of a family that does foster care is really neat to me. And it has taught me that I should love the family that I have and, be thankful for my wonderful family. You could not believe what children have been through that are in foster care. It has been a blessing for us to be helping these children.