Meet Stephanie and Patricia and their family

Stephanie and Patricia have been foster parents since 2014. Let’s see what has been working for them so far with some questions.

Tell us  a little bit about your family.

We have been together for approximately seven years. In our home we currently have seven boys.  In May of 2016 we adopted a set of three siblings. In September of 2016, we took in a set of twin boys for placement. Additionally, in February of 2017, we gained another younger sibling group that consisted of two two boys. This year we intend to adopt both the set of twin boys and the two younger boys to complete our family.

What made your family decide to become a Clermont County Foster Home?

We always knew we wanted a family and due to us not being able to conceive children on our own we decided that perhaps adoption would be our best choice.

Tell us a little bit about your journey with placements.

We have had numerous placements and each placement has taught us a lot. We have learned as parents both our strengths and weaknesses. Now after being foster parents for quite some time, we have become confident in our skills and work together as a team to provide the best environment possible. The hardest part for us about being foster parents is watching someone you love and become attached to leave your home. We know they’re in good hands so it makes it a little easier. Additionally, we provide respite for other foster families. It’s great to be in the community and provide/receive help from others.

What advice would you give to new families becoming certified to foster/adopt?

Our best advice to give is work closely with your caseworker and work together.

What is something you wish you had known prior to deciding to become a foster home?

We wish that we knew how attached we would become to the kids we foster and although the classes prepped us, we wish we knew how to help them through the grieving process.  We believe you have to experience being a foster parent to really gain knowledge. We have grown as parents and can handle a lot more than when we first started as foster parents.

What are your thoughts on keeping sibling groups together?

We believe strongly in keeping sibling groups together. It gives the children a sense that they are not going through this process alone. It also helps siblings build more trust in the experience. Additionally, it gives children the knowledge of where their sibling is instead of wondering where they are. Personally, we currently have three sets of siblings in our home and feel that it is a bond that cannot be broken.